Bridal Prep Tips

by Carrie Kacen

Preparation for your 'Bridal Look' should be a fun experience, for this creative process sets the tone for your most sacred day, and offers one of the most memorable days with your chosen bridal girls. Master stylist and makeup artist, Carrie Kacen offers these tips for a successful bridal prep session:

Photo by Bon Miller

Photo by Bon Miller

Your Chosen Look

When choosing your 'Bridal Look' it is essential to have a clear idea of what you envision, with the flexibility to CREATE and integrate a personalized look!  Pinterest is highly recommended for shopping the latest trends for your wedding theme.  A visual collection of your favored styles makes for a clear communication between you and your artist. Things to consider beyond your theme, are location and weather. Braids are trending with the popular vintage and ranch themes. Fishtails and ladders offer novel ways to individualize your best look. Braids and updo's are great for misty, damp or hot and humid conditions. Dry temperate conditions will accommodate the soft and long styles.

How long?

When scheduling I require 2 hours for Hair & Makeup application although it usually does not take as long.  It is better to give more time and space for my creative process.  The day of Trial Hair/Makeup or Wedding day I require your hair to be DRY and washed/conditioned with NO PRODUCT outside of that the night before is when you need to have it washed/conditioned.  This allows to have a clean look without competing with other products and static (not a good photo look).  Makeup application is done with a clean face and just lotion. I highly recommend not to get waxing, facials or tanning a few days before.  In fact, a facial should be at least a week out from your BIG DAY, ENGAGEMENT SHOOT or FANTASY SHOOT.  The reason being, facials are great for tightening the muscles, relaxing and cleansing the facial pores, although breakouts occur as you are releasing toxins in the process.  


I recommend having your Mother and Maid of Honor completed for prep prior to you, so they can help with your pre-ceremony details, helping you into your gown, and veil application.  My timeline allows completion of bridal and bridal party prep 30 minutes prior to your gown dressing.  It is nice to have wiggle room as things do come up and you need to eat. I will be the Hydration Police...water is very important for longevity of the day and a refreshed look.  

Makeup Application

I highly recommend Airbrush Makeup for photographs as it is flawless, natural and light for a long day.  There are situations were Traditional Makeup is required due to skin tonalities or textures although Airbrush is the way to go! I recommend Eyelashes to open the eye for your pictures unless you have eye sensitivities, recent eye surgeries and any other concerning factors.  I believe in soft beauty although it is required to apply more defining makeup for pictures as they last a lifetime!  My application is always starting lighter, softer and smaller as it is easy to add more defining looks.